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Helen Caudwell

Helen has worked for Barnsley Music Service since 2002.  After learning the recorder from the age of 6 at Wilthorpe Infants School,  Helen  now 9 years old,  was given the opportunity to learn a woodwind instrument.  The first instrument that came available was a flute.  There were two other girls as well as Helen and only one instrument, so they had to draw lots ......... Helen joined the Barnsley Music Centre Junior Orchestra, then Junior Band, which rehearsed at the Charter School, next door to Kinstone School.  The band was run by Michael Roberts, who till few years ago, still worked for the music service.
At age 13, Helen moved up to the Concert band, where she remained principle flautist for 30 years on and off.  Helen has toured with the band to Scotland, Germany and 4 times to Austria.


Helen has also a love of musicals and theatre, playing a number of roles on stage and playing for many shows around the Yorkshire region, mainly Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield.


Helen was a member of Doncaster Concert band for 3 years, when they rehearsed at the Yorkshire wild life park.  That was a great experience, playing music whilst the animals, particularly the lions roaring!!


Helen is currently a member of WOW, Wakefield Orchestral Wind, Which rehearses in Ossett and plays in and around the Wakefield area.